1/4 Man 3/4 Pizza

Never forget the ratio! Some times you just have to make some homemade pizza!

Crust: Org. Flour, Olive Oil, Teaspoon "Secret Power" Yeast, Salt, Water
The Crust came out pretty good. A little crumbly towards the end of baking, however, the yeast have a is so friggin powerful! Excellent outcome.

Topping: Italian Herb Sauce, Kale, Yellow Onion, Garlic, Stir-fry Tempeh (Golden Brown heated in Sesame Oil with Garlic and lots of salt) Plus: Mozarella and on the second pizza a little smoked gouda. "Good-ahhh?"

Pizza Listening Station: The Byrds - 5D and Smashing Pumpkins - Pisces Iscariot for real.

PS: I attempted a donut with some leftover dough (see first picture) and the boiling technique is quite fun. It came out surpisingly springy but lacked the egg/course salt/butter love.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday messages and gifts and calls! I hope that in my 26th year I can be as peaceful as I can in all circumstances and with whomever I go may I see them as supremely precious!

Late Night Momos

Had some serious late night Momos with Brendan last night. That's right Biggins is in town for our collective birthdays! What better way to start then with some tight momos?

tofu golden brown
garlic (1 clove)
potatos (3)
ginger (microplaned)
carrot (fine chopped and some microplaned)

the dough came out perfect and snappy again. a truly righteous mixture.

Peace be to the Lama Momo Master Rinpoche

I am but a humble apprentice

7 pm Momos

Friday Night Special!!!!

Stir Fried in Olive oil and Soy Sauce:

The dough came out perfect...I think. I liked the elasticity so much I made just a couple little steamed dough balls for enjoyment.

Served on the side with "homemade" kim-chi

Verdict: Holy Cow! Holy Frijoles! The best Momo's yet and it is all due to the perfect dough. Juust the right snap. Also, having a spicy tofu filling is similar to a Tenchur Momo without the spinach...excellent. (as opposed to Tsel or potato)

The Homemade kim-chi is awesome too. Super garlicy and spicy. What I did was to buy some "Wills Valley Farm" Saurkraut made naturally with organic locallly grown PA cabbage, sea salt, and water. I buy a jar of that a put it in a bigger jar with some small cut up carrot, microplaned ginger and garlic and red pepepr flakes. You let that marinate overnight and you have yourself a good ol' scratch kim-chi for your snacking pleasure.

eat right. peace right. peace out.

listening for momo pleasure: Del Shannon and Selbyville edits for forthcoming album!!!!!