July Playlist

July Playlist -Let the summer begin 2/3 finished but just getting this party started.

1. Egbe Mi O (Carry Me I Want to Die) - Fela Kela & the Africa 70 (Fela with Ginger Baker Live!)
2. Augustin Opiyo Ochino (An ex-member of the Shirati) - Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Jazz (Benga Blast)
3. Ready Teddy - Little Richard (Georgia Peach)
4. Booty Melt - Extreme Animals
5. Marcus - Tapper Zukie (MPLA)
6. Coke Song - Cash Flag (S/T) (You think you can shoot anything you don't like?)
7. My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder (My Cherie Amour: 1969)
8. Creation - Burning Spear (Studio One Presents: Burning Spear) (This track is too good not be on every month's list)
9. The Isle - World Standard and Wecshel Garland (The Isle)
10. Jah Jah Gonna Get You - Twinkle Brothers (Rasta Pon Top)
11. Echo and Abyss - James Blackshaw (Litany of Echoes)
12.a. Imperials - Ratatat (LP3) (Have these dudes been listening to Selbyville or something?)
12.b. Tie with "Mirando"
13. Claimin' True - Outkast (Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik)
14. Revelations 8:7 - Rod and David Lisa (August EP) (Dude! this track is craaazy old. Old with an E...Olde)
15. Where are you going? - Jean Ricthie and Doc Watson (Jean Ricthie and Doc Watson Live at Folk City)
16. Still Blue - Isan (Salamander)
17. Model - Avail (Dixie)
18. Neon Syrup From the Cemetery Sisters - Black Moth Super Rainbow (Dandelion Gum)
19. Dictionary - The Go Find (Stars On the Wall)

long hours in the office lead to long hours of listening pleasure. The basement is whack though. "Got a hot date tonight Tubbsy!"