Winter 2010 Playlist - it's been a while...

Winter is officially over (not officially, but close enough with all the 50+ degree days we've been having
up here in the 'what-once-could-be-called-and-may-be-called-again Northeast).

1. Saladin - Prince Buster (The Message Dubwise (Prince Buster LP))
2. Tell Me Why - Neil Young (Live At Massey Hall 1971)
3. Waltzing Matilda - John Fahey (Live in Tasmania)
4. Dixie - Hobart Smith (Portraits Series_Hobart Smith-Blue Ridge Legacy - Alan Lomax Collection)
5. My Lovely Elizabeth - S.E. Rogie (Palm Wine Guitar Music: The 60's Sound)
6. Columbus, Mississippi Blues - Bukka White (Mississippi Delta Blues Jam in Memphis, Vol. 2)
7. Complex Complex - Chris Weisman (Tape Walk)
8. Fuss fuss - Don Carlos (Harvest Time)
9. Sheets Two - Mountains (Choral)
10. Monsieur Le Maire De Niafunke - Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté (In the Heart of the Moon)
& Doudou - Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté (Ali & Toumani)
11. Only in Your Heart - America (Homecoming)
12. I Live For You - George Harrison (All Things Must Pass)
13. Queen Of The Rub - Dub Specialist (Dub Store Special)
14. Nice Enough For Love - Robbie Basho (Twilight Peaks)
15. Sleep - B. Fleischmann (Sidonie - EP)
16. Greatest Friend - The Incredible String Band (The Big Huge)
17. Spike Driver Blues - Mississippi John Hurt (Avalon Blues: The Complete 1928 OKeh Recordings)

Greetings and love from the 'if-you-no-call-me-no-come-if-me-no-call-you-no-come'
On to warmer, sunnier, peaceful rides / pizza slice / the weather's nice.