Great Month! Derek and I found a new place to live: A good old-fashioned Rasta shack right down pon dem beach.

May PLaylist...

1. Key - James Blackshaw (The Glass Bead Game)
2. Comanche boys can be heard where the sun sets. / You eat a lot of peyote, and toward morning your feeling is good toward peyote. - Roy Wockmetooah & Roe Kahrahrah (Comanche Peyote Songs, Vol. 1)
3. You Can Make Me Feel Bad - Arthur Russell (Calling out of Context)
4. Two Sevens Clash - Culture (Two Sevens Clash) (Reggae power...stronghold soon come)
5. Telescope - Mountains (Choral)
6. Elyne Road - Toumani Diabate (Live at Bull Moose Music Portland 4/30/09...incredible)
7. Lost on the River - Hank Williams Sr. (Rare Demos: First to Last)
8. Bluegrass Time - Foot Hill Boys (Bluegrass in the Carolina Mountains)
9. Don't Let Me Suffer - Gregory Isaacs (For Everyone LP)
10. Amo Bishop Roden - Boards of Canada (In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country (EP))
11. Heroes & Villains - Beach Boys (Smiley Smile)
12. Crystal - Christian Kleine (Beyond Repair)
13. Just Expect - Copy (Mobius Beard)
14. Long May You Run - Neil Young (Live @ The Bottom Line, New York City (May 16, 1974))
15. terry's tune - hope - the creator - sidharta utopia & visions - Don Cherry (Organic Music Society)
16. Music for Dreaming - William Namahoe (Vol. 7 - Vintage Hawaiian Treasures)

Great GrandFather William Rice
Buffalo Heart

Pray for Inner Peace. When you are eating your
breakfast Pray for Inner Peace, when you are
brushing your teeth Pray for Inner Peace, when
you are cleaning your living space Pray for Inner
Peace, when you are working your job and tending
family members Pray for Inner Peace. You have
the conceptualization of the divine relationship to
prayer. It is embodied rather than something
engaged in outside of ordinary living. Prayer is a
way of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling
that interprets everything through deeply divine
ever arising knowledge. Knowledge which is limit-
less and available to everyone every single moment
of every day. So seek not to just pray when you are
in Ceremony seek to remember how to pray in union
and communion with all of your daily interactions,
actions, witnessing, working, and playing, and we
guarantee you will become a new you and delight in
your discoveries, Many Blessings.

spring breeze--
a thicket mouse
caught by the dog
-Issa, 1821

G E7
Round, round, get around, I get around
Am F D
Yeah, I get around, I get around