Great Month! Derek and I found a new place to live: A good old-fashioned Rasta shack right down pon dem beach.

May PLaylist...

1. Key - James Blackshaw (The Glass Bead Game)
2. Comanche boys can be heard where the sun sets. / You eat a lot of peyote, and toward morning your feeling is good toward peyote. - Roy Wockmetooah & Roe Kahrahrah (Comanche Peyote Songs, Vol. 1)
3. You Can Make Me Feel Bad - Arthur Russell (Calling out of Context)
4. Two Sevens Clash - Culture (Two Sevens Clash) (Reggae power...stronghold soon come)
5. Telescope - Mountains (Choral)
6. Elyne Road - Toumani Diabate (Live at Bull Moose Music Portland 4/30/09...incredible)
7. Lost on the River - Hank Williams Sr. (Rare Demos: First to Last)
8. Bluegrass Time - Foot Hill Boys (Bluegrass in the Carolina Mountains)
9. Don't Let Me Suffer - Gregory Isaacs (For Everyone LP)
10. Amo Bishop Roden - Boards of Canada (In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country (EP))
11. Heroes & Villains - Beach Boys (Smiley Smile)
12. Crystal - Christian Kleine (Beyond Repair)
13. Just Expect - Copy (Mobius Beard)
14. Long May You Run - Neil Young (Live @ The Bottom Line, New York City (May 16, 1974))
15. terry's tune - hope - the creator - sidharta utopia & visions - Don Cherry (Organic Music Society)
16. Music for Dreaming - William Namahoe (Vol. 7 - Vintage Hawaiian Treasures)

Great GrandFather William Rice
Buffalo Heart

Pray for Inner Peace. When you are eating your
breakfast Pray for Inner Peace, when you are
brushing your teeth Pray for Inner Peace, when
you are cleaning your living space Pray for Inner
Peace, when you are working your job and tending
family members Pray for Inner Peace. You have
the conceptualization of the divine relationship to
prayer. It is embodied rather than something
engaged in outside of ordinary living. Prayer is a
way of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling
that interprets everything through deeply divine
ever arising knowledge. Knowledge which is limit-
less and available to everyone every single moment
of every day. So seek not to just pray when you are
in Ceremony seek to remember how to pray in union
and communion with all of your daily interactions,
actions, witnessing, working, and playing, and we
guarantee you will become a new you and delight in
your discoveries, Many Blessings.

spring breeze--
a thicket mouse
caught by the dog
-Issa, 1821

G E7
Round, round, get around, I get around
Am F D
Yeah, I get around, I get around

April Playlist

April Playlist
Biking, Canoeing, Hiking, Playing tons of Guitar
Spring Has Finally Arrived to the Atlantic Northeast

1. (Variations on) 'Easter' - Robbie Basho (Bonn Ist Supreme)
2. Quasar - Scientist (Scientist Meets the Space Invaders)
3. Gremlin Holiday - Kira Kira (Our Map to the Monster Olympics)
4. The Stars Fall From The Sky And The Heavens Are Rolled Up Like A Scroll - Jozef Van Wissem (It Is All that is Made)
5. Song To Woody - Bob Dylan & George Harrison (New Morning Session - May, 1 1970)
6. A. Pendulum - Guided By Voices (Same Place the Fly Got Smashed) (springtime coming???)
6. B. How Loft I Am? - GBV (Ibid)
7. The Wrong Thing - The Congos (Heart of the Congos)
8. Map Table - Mountains (Choral) (Killer live show too!)
9. Holy Dances - Beach House (Devotion)
10. You Can Make Me Feel Bad - Arthur Russell (Calling Out of Context)
11. Give a Hand - Gregory Isaacs (All I HAve is Love)
12. Key - James Blackshaw (The Glass Bead Game) (exclusive!!!)

moon at the gate--
as the heat dwindles
so do companions
-Issa, 1821

misty day--
no doubt Heaven's saints
bored stiff
-Issa, 1812

one man, one fly
one large
sitting room
-Issa, 1819

sullivan st dinner

Dumplings (carrot, spinach, onion, garlic)
Tofu Baked (spices, tamari, onion, garlic)
Cucumber Summer Snack
Cous-Cous (pine nut, cherry tomato)

Washed down with some white wine, ginger green tea, water, and a gingerade kombucha for desert (blessings to the tea beast)

March Playlist

March Playlist:

1. The Truth - Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation of Rastafari (Grounation) (respect to the living. ever faithful)
tie with: 400 Years - Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation of Rastafari (Grounation)
2. Fehlspring - F.S. Blumm (Ankern)
3. Iye, Iye - Grand Papa Diabate (Guitar, Extra Dry)
4. Da Da - Junior Byles (Beat Down Babylon)
5. Oh Yoko! - John Lennon (Imagine)
6. I Bid You Goodnight - Joseph Spence & the Pinder Family (The Summer of '65)
7. Gremlin Holiday - Kira Kira (Our Map to the Monster Olympics)
8. Banging Breakdown - Hobart Smith (Blue Ridge Legacy - Alan Lomax Recordings)
9. California Raga - Robbie Basho (Bonn Ist Supreme)
10. By Weary Well - Robin Williamson & His Merry Band (A Glint at the Kindling) (Killer harp.)
11. Crystal Under Brattleboro - Chris Weisman & Greg Davis (Northern Songs) (exclusive.)
12. We Have A Map of the Piano - Mum (Finally We Are No One)
13. Friday Nights With - Glenn Jones (This is the Wind that Blows it Out)
14. A P Special - Augustus Pablo (Original Rockers) (indeed.)
15. Shroud - James Blackshaw (Litany of Echoes)
16. Density - Sam Prekop (Who's Your New Professor)
17. Cut the Midrange Drop the Bass - Cylob (Cut the Midrange Drop the Bass 12") (yes! how low can you go??!?!?!?)

Best Show of the month: James Blackshaw at the Issue Project Room (Brooklyn)

the last snow pile--
straw clogs make it
a delight
-Issa, 1817

Mind Wheel Issue #1

I should have taken photos of the whole process but oh time maybe.

February Playlist

I can't believe february is gone already. The Earth-Ox year is now in full swing.

February PLaylist
Month o' Love (?)
"this is it."

1. All I Have is Love - Gregory Isaacs (All I have is Love (1973))
2. I Want You So Bad - James Brown (Try Me)
3. I Am That I Am - Peter Tosh (Equal Rights)
4. Seattle - William Ackerman (Childhood and Memory)
5. Sleepy Man Blues - Bukka White (Vintage Recordings 1930-1940 "Aberdeen Mississippi Blues") (sleepy all the time)
6. Strange Things - Henry Green (God's Mighty Hand) (AWESOME.)
7. Finale - John Fahey (America).
8. Veshengro - The Incredible String Band (Be Glad for the Song Has No Ending)
9. Moon Pulls - Mum - (Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy)
10. Fahrenheit Fair Enough - Telefon Tel Aviv (Fahrenheit Fair Enough) (R.I.Peace...)
11. Not Yet 1 - Melodium (Cerebro Spin)
12. Asking and Listening - Felsenmeer (Ghosts the Clearing)
13. Mami Wata - Grand Papa Diabate (Guitar, Extra Dry) (jamming to the fullest! holy cow)
14. Try Me - James Brown (Try Me)
15. Loving Pauper - Gregory Isaacs (Extra Classic) (a jam for the ages for surety)
16. Elysium - Isan (Fabricate - Remixes of Worsted Weight)

used to losing
I'm peaceful, calm...
chrysanthemum contest
-Issa, 1817

Mind Wheel / Old Furnace...Live!

Northeast Atlantic Noise Collaborative Collective: Mind Wheel / Old Furnace Performs on WMBR's Subject To Change Program

February 21, 2009 12:00p–2:00p

Western Massachusetts drone/space rock outfit Mind Wheel / Old Furnace record a live set for WMBR's Subject to Change that will be broadcast during the February 21, 2009 show. A multi-player ensemble. Terrascope Online described Old Furnance's new Hidden Hills CD as "Opening with a glorious, string driven, rising drone, this is an album filled with emotion, passion and invention, the wistful music within painting pictures of expansive vistas and secret places."

stream it online at :

Pizza Party

Mind Wheel Pizza:

roasted garlic
olive oil
apple sage vegan sausage
mozzarella & pedano

it was sooooo good!


The first of the new year: 2009. hallelu-JAH

Rededication at year's end.
Who will take the Green Knight's challenge?

January playlist - New Year Rockers for 2009

1. Black Starliner Must Come - Culture (Two Sevens Clash)
2. Brand New Second Hand - Peter Tosh (Legalize It)
3. Your Teeth In My Neck - Scientist (Scientist Rids The World of the Curse of the Evil Vampires)
4. Won't That Be a Happy Time - Joseph Spence and the Pinder Family (Real Bahamas, Vol. 1)
5. Swell Headed - Burning Spear (Rocking Time) (I-n-I will never run away)
6. These Days - Nico (Chelsea Girl)
7. If He Changed My Name - Nina Simone (Live At The Village Gate)
8. Duckie - Solvent (Solvently One Listens)
9. Machine Gun - Mum (Blue Skied An' Clear: Morr Music Compilation)
10. Loving Pauper - Gregory Isaacs (Extra Classic) (Financially I may be a pauper, but when it comes to lovin' I'm all right. crazy mix too holy cow.)
11. The Poor Boy is Taken Away - Richard & Linda Thompson (Pour Down Like Silver)
12. Sponji Reggae - Black Uhuru (Red)
tie: Guess who's coming To dinner - Black Uhuru (Guess Who's Coming To dinner)
tie: World Is Africa - Black Uhuru (Sinsemilla) (all ties for Prince Jammy, michael Rose, Sly and Robbie, and Puma)
13. The Fahey Sampler - John Fahey (Contemporary Guitar, Spring '67)
14. Kora Bali - Toumani Diabate & Ballake Sissoko (New Ancient Strings) (pure bliss and then 6:43 blows your mind off)
15. Mercy, Mercy - The Rolling Stones (Out Of Our Heads)
16. One Day Soon - Dennis Brown (Big Youth & Friends: Chi Chi Run)
17. Lady Midnight - Leonard Cohen (Songs from a Room)
18. River Of Heaven - James Blackshaw (Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 2)
19. readonly - Melodium (Banicle EP) (hot shreds!)
20. Bird Show - Stay High
21. Innocent & Vain - Nico (The End...) (whoa. Eno on the Mind Wheel precursors...)
22. Thunder Love - Robbie Basho (Indian II)

She came in and poured a bucket of dirt at the foot of my bed.
Climb in Belt of Rubies.

this blessing
not allowed in Paradise...
new sake
-Issa, 1822