East Coast for life cont...

I almost forgot!
Those Momos had peas! organic peas in them.

Here is a shot of them at the table with dipping sauce and fancy soda:

Momo Music Station:

East Coast For Life!!!

East Coast Dumplings #2!

Choice sea vegetable: Dulce
Tofu (tiny bits) and golden
Onion small dice
Garlic small chop
Ginger fine chop
Potatoes mashed to bits
Spiced: Cumin, Garam Masala, Salt, Braggs

Simple Dough came out pretty well
Overall they are pretty ginger-ee

My cousin was supposed to come and enjoy these with me but he is a bum and a half.

The sauce for dipping is was too salty from the braggs but tastes really good with the rice wine vinegar and microplaned garlic and ginger and some local "swarmbustin'" honey.

Musical companions: The Meters and Wechsel Garland

"East Coast" Momo #1

Momos 8/22/07
"East Coast" Momos #1

Local PA potatoes
Local PA onions
Local PA Garlic
Ginger root
Dulce Seaweed (ME)

Dough: Unbleached flour with about 1/4 whole wheat flour with salt and masala in mix.

(I need to get some real soy sauce I think...so I'm not always slugging the Braggs. P.S. the Dulce is what makes them "coastal")

Verdict: pretty tasty. did not stay together very well. I think it is the whole wheat flour. My dough technique is still far from decent. The Dulce rules too.

In the future: I'd like to try an ethiopian/eritrean style dumpling. Make a sour dough somehow (injera dumpling? nuh-uh!) and a fou'l mix. Served with a simple salad (lettuce/tom/olive oil). Sweet! Big ups to Asmara Portland, ME

Oh!: Momo suggestions are always welcome!

"Om Ah Hum Om ah Hum Om Ah Hum. Wonderful Prajna! May we and all beings be nourished by this food in our search for peace and let us eat first so that others may have the courage to eat!"

Saturday August 11, 2007

2 star Scratch Momos
Plain Dumpling (flour/salt/water)
Red Pepper
Tofurkey Peppered Slices
Olive Oil/ Braggs/ Rice Wine Vin.

Only one fell apart in the steamer which is pretty good. Plus my new steamer set up works wonderfully! The dumplings themselves were a bit weird tasting but a pretty good snack. No sauce for dipping because the braggs is so salty!