Pre-Halloween Pizza Party

Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party! Pizza Party!

The tree told me to "eat more broccoli" and today I am doing that with broc-za

red onion
green pepper

This pizza is dedicated to Mandy and Greg for lighting up my world with the Harrison Begay print. So radical. I love you guys.

DC Trip

Rinpoche, Chelsea, Flo, and Erin brought some leftover momo's from Menla. I, unfortunately, did not get a picture of them. At the medal ceremony the Tibetan dish of choice apeared to be potato curries with flatbread (really italian-like) I did see some meat momos getting passed around. And surprisingly enough, lots of monks eating the meat momos. I still don't understand how that works?!?

Monday Mimi Momos and Ferment Bar

October 15, 2007: In honor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Congressional Medal ceremony that I will be attending on Wednesday:

Mimi Momos with Ferment Bar

The organic (mostly local) fermented choices include:
Wills Valley Farm Kim Chi
My 'Homemade' Kim Chi
Wills Valley farm Sauerkraut
Deep Root Fermented Beets

The momos are super simple with red potatoes and simple flour
a little bit of onion and garlic and then I fried the momos in the leftover oil from frying the garlic and onion for some extra love.

I am in full support of the establishment of a Tibetan 'Zone of Ahimsa' a 'peace sanctuary' for the whole world.

For as long as space endures,
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I, too, abide,
To dispel the misery of the world.

Peace Be to Tenzin Gyatso Chenresig. In the snowy mountain paradise you truly are the source of good and happiness.

The Slop

Cold weather has arrived! I was gonna make momos tonight...instead I made sloppy joe's!!!!!!!!

they made me feel like I was hangin out with Dadey in prison:

"Jamaican people no eat dry bread" - Yellowman

fry up:
quarter red onion
one clove garlic
little sesame oil
1.5 veggie burger chopped all up
tomato paste and a little water
brown sugar/salt/pepper to taste

let it cook around for a little bit and serve on a toasted PA Dutch potato roll...delicious

Happy Saturday to the Peace People

St. Francis is my Homey

Feast Of St. Francis Day Momo!!!!!!!!

Today is the feast of St. Francis and to celebrate I have gone ahaead and made some super excellent St. Francis Momos

yukon gold potatos
tempeh stirfry
red onion
2 cloves of garlic
sesame oil
organic soy sauce
simple dough even without salt b/c of salt content of filling!

This is much too complicated a meal for a man that lived so simply. Placing cracked stone on top of ruined stone to rebuild God's chapels and driving out some evil spirits, telling some birds to be quiet, communing with Sister Death, and hanging out with wolves (at Gubbio). So awesome.

My lessons from St. Francis: Always preach the gospel and when necessary use words. You must have Peace in your heart before you have Peace in your words. Eat first so that others may have the courage to eat. Peace out! and Peace night. -Sister Death

(The momos were pretty good too! I have three left over if anyone wants any. Tomorrow I head to Queens for Matt and Rachels wedding full of blessings and a stomach filled with peace!)