Home Style/Delaware Style

Morgan is here in Newdork and we cooked up a down home hoo-banger of a meal.

Consisting of:

Baked Spicy BBQ Tofu
Friend Potato Latkes
Organic Rainbow Carrots with Sweet Corn

fancy ginger ales on the side

wussup dawg?

Listening pleasure: Any and All Beach Boys (esp. Don't Worry Baby)

"Hoo-bangin'" in the sense definition 1: To Fuss Around
1.To fuss around or talk rubbish.
2.people yellin what gang they are in.

1."I should go before your mother starts hoo bangin."
2."They were hoo bangin up and down our street."

new years

no pics from the post-new years dumpling dinner party...sorry.

derek and I had Alyssa and Max over for a dumpling dinner party:

light wontons with vegetables (carrot-cabbage-garlic-ginger...ummmm. YUM!)
baked tofu
fresh beets
edamame app.
wasabi cauliflour and rice

derek's new bamboo steamer worked magically!

new years in boston was totaly excellent anf featured one million gallons of tea

i send out deeppeaceofhostlove to Derek and Gabriella for providing the most comfortable pull out in the world...no joke!
(actual pull-out not pictured)