winter playlist for 2011

after a long cold and lonely winter...

New Winter Playlist 2011

1. Dambala - Exuma (Exuma I  fire)
2. First Girl I Loved - The Incredible String Band (The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion)
3. Sleeping Cat - Skanfrom (Hand Picked Fragments)
4. quarter moon - Mark Fosson (The lost takoma sessions)
5. Oh, How the Boat Drifts - Múm (Summer Make Good)
6. Do It Twice - Bob Marley & The Wailers (Songs of Freedom)
7. To Sing for You - Donovan (What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid)
8. Kind Of Girl - Low (Things We Lost In The Fire)
9. Live Good - Burning Spear (Marcus Garvey)
10. This is Where I belong - The Kinks 
11. Creation - Burning Spear (Studio One Presents Burning Spear)
12. Journey - Burning Spear (Studio One Presents Burning Spear)
13. Just Expect - Copy (Mobius Beard) 
14. Red, Gold and Green - Burning Spear (Marcus Garvey)
15. Winner's Blues - Sonic Youth (Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star)
16. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today - Washington Phillips (The Key to the Kingdom)
17. Hy a Scullyas Lyf a Dhagrow - Aphex Twin (Drukqs (disc 1))
18. Visions - Stevie Wonder (Innervisions )