April Playlist

April Playlist
Biking, Canoeing, Hiking, Playing tons of Guitar
Spring Has Finally Arrived to the Atlantic Northeast

1. (Variations on) 'Easter' - Robbie Basho (Bonn Ist Supreme)
2. Quasar - Scientist (Scientist Meets the Space Invaders)
3. Gremlin Holiday - Kira Kira (Our Map to the Monster Olympics)
4. The Stars Fall From The Sky And The Heavens Are Rolled Up Like A Scroll - Jozef Van Wissem (It Is All that is Made)
5. Song To Woody - Bob Dylan & George Harrison (New Morning Session - May, 1 1970)
6. A. Pendulum - Guided By Voices (Same Place the Fly Got Smashed) (springtime coming???)
6. B. How Loft I Am? - GBV (Ibid)
7. The Wrong Thing - The Congos (Heart of the Congos)
8. Map Table - Mountains (Choral) (Killer live show too!)
9. Holy Dances - Beach House (Devotion)
10. You Can Make Me Feel Bad - Arthur Russell (Calling Out of Context)
11. Give a Hand - Gregory Isaacs (All I HAve is Love)
12. Key - James Blackshaw (The Glass Bead Game) (exclusive!!!)

moon at the gate--
as the heat dwindles
so do companions
-Issa, 1821

misty day--
no doubt Heaven's saints
bored stiff
-Issa, 1812

one man, one fly
one large
sitting room
-Issa, 1819

sullivan st dinner

Dumplings (carrot, spinach, onion, garlic)
Tofu Baked (spices, tamari, onion, garlic)
Cucumber Summer Snack
Cous-Cous (pine nut, cherry tomato)

Washed down with some white wine, ginger green tea, water, and a gingerade kombucha for desert (blessings to the tea beast)