October PLaylist

Is October the month when IDM comes back?!?!?!?! Portland, Maine! Time of Rivers Festival yields good shows and the time of work has dawned. One month to finish. A time of great illness all around as Derek and Robyn were crazy ill-do I feel a tightness inst mine throat?!?!
Philadelphia for the world series was super fun. Gotta love Red Hook and Royal friends. Goodbye to the South though as Morgan moves north toward the studio.
Great indecision creeps in as I search for an answer to the question of reality. Plus the presidential election is only days away...holy crap.

Who has a gate for me to go through? Thank you to all of my hosts these past few months.

1. A Side: Jiroh's Tune Up/ On - Gai/Jin (Gun Court 7")
2. Tiramakhan - Dembo Konte & Kausu Kuyateh (Tanante)
3. Morning in the Zanskar Valley - The Buddhist Nuns at Chuckikjall (Tibetan Prayer Chants) (holy! unbelievable jam!)
4. Visions of Johanna (alternate) - Bob Dylan (No Direction Home, Bootleg Series, Vol. 7, Disc 2) (featuring commentary by Taigen Dan Leighton. right on.)
5. Fly High - Bridget St. John (Thank You For...)
6. Where Butterflys Go In Winter - Robbie Basho (Twilight Peaks)
7. Metal Mothers - Guided By Voices (propeller?)
8. Yesu Ka Mkwebaze - Novicat de Soeurs Missionaires (Lipa Kodi Ya City Council: Nigerian high Life)
9. Echo and Abyss - James Blackshaw (Litany of Echoes)
10. David & The Phoenix - Glenn Jones (Against Which the Sea Continually Beats) (Live at Space gallery)
11. Me & My Mad Girl - Robin Williamson & His Merry Band (A Glint At The Kindling)
12. Coal Creek March - Pete Steel (Classic Mountain Songs: Smithsonian Folkways)
13. The Five Sacred Trees: III. Eo Rossa - Hovahness (Mysterious Mountain)
14. Meniere's Vertigo - Melodium (Cerebro Spin) (endolymphatic hydrops are things melodium has been known to cause)
15. Elyne Road - Tuomani Diabate (The Mande Variations) (yeah. yes. deep jams.)

Watched: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Fog, The Orphanage, Dracula, ROTLD 1, The Funhouse, Nosferatur: Vampyre Der Nacht, etc. etc.

Best Live performance: Glenn Jones at the Time of Rivers festival in Portland, Maine at The Space - sweet guitar jams all around too.

Great GrandFather Blake Heyokah Teaching Of The Day:
Oh, just let go and walk on the wild side of reality.
Release all the preprogrammed prescriptions for
living and break on through to the other side. You
deal the cards for a change and fire the dealer who
doesn't know what he and she is doing. Forget about
yesterday, walk awake in the DreamTime today, and
tomorrow will manifest from your actions in the
moment. Manifestation comes from what you do,
what you think, and how you behave moment by
moment by moment. If you have a good time and
laugh from your heart, love people unconditionally,
and utterly and completely love your self you will
see that you have all that you need and most of what
you desire.