Low Tide v. High Tide in the Bay of Fundy

These photos show the difference between Low and High Tide on the same day at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park in New Brunswick Canada. Amazing tidal range (46ft! because of June Super Moon!)

Bradford Graves Sculpture Park - Kerhonkson, NY


Bradford Graves (d. 1998), American sculpture, created a lasting and unique impression on the southern Catskills with his stone works reflecting the archaeology of our shared past and exciting solar/stellar future. 

The pieces displayed around the grounds and inside specially constructed pavilions show the weather and wear of an outdoor life bringing home the relationship between a "finished" sculpture and the continual changes acted out through time on works in stone.
 The sculpture park is a great stop over if you find yourself in the Southern Catskills south of the Ashokan Reservoir. Just look for Chipmunk Hollow Road in Kerhonkson, NY.
Kerhonkson is an ideal and dreamy spot if you are in need of a place with lighter energy than the heavy witch and warlock vibes of the Catskills north of the reservoir. Go down to Chipmunk hollow and follow the streams to see the gnomes and little goblins. (Fun fact: Kerhonkson, a tiny hamlet of a town, is known as the safe haven for important documents during the Revolutionary War in 1777.)